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DESON, transliterated from “Design”, was born in Germany, the paradise of makers, conveying the founder‘s belief in design.

Since its inception, DESON has always held the belief of creating standardized products that are both aesthetic and functional, strong and durable. Thanks to the unremitting pursuit of the design boundary and carrying forward the inherent craftsman spirit, DESON has successfully developed a revolutionary modular series, hence its good reputation on an international scale.

Today, DESON has been present in iconic luxury hotels and resorts throughout the world, as well as national convention and exhibition centers and high-end clubs.


In 2011, the Foldable Line 1 were developed, initiating a new concept of simple mobile kitchen.

In 2013, the Foldable Line 2 were introduced to the market, and the omni-directional fast folding mode thereof set a new standard for mobile catering equipment.

In 2016, the Foldable Line were upgraded to the third generation, with thinner modules and more fashionable design.

In 2019, the Foldable Line 3 Pro was launched, which is not only provided with the firmness and durability of metal, and the elegant texture of wood grain.

In 2022, our self-developed smart APP was officially launched, scoring new heights in digital services.


Inspiration & Enjoyment

Driven by a deep-rooted wish to bring a unique luxury experience to our customers as well as their guests, we have made it our mission to embed a feeling of Inspiration & Enjoyment into the design of all our products.

Inspiration derives from pleasant communication with clients, continuous innovation, and empathy in innovation while enjoyment is the source of inspiration and the motivation of creation, making users happy and transmitting this pleasure to hotel guests simultaneously!