Born for Inspiration & Enjoyment

As designers, we are always convinced that inspiration and enjoyment will create endless possibilities for commercial space.

As service providers, we endeavor to create a unique luxury experience for you and your guests at every moment.

As listeners, we turn your idea into a splendid reality by ways of customization.

Our Solutions

We come up with customized solutions for such commercial spaces as luxury hotels and convention & exhibition centers on a global scale.,

Brand Concept

Design Concept

Simple is beautiful.
Inspiration and enjoyment are embedded in all our product designs. A series of modular and intelligent innovative products of IoT bring you endless possibilities, inspire and enlighten chefs and other catering professionals, and build a far-reaching connection between you and your guests.


Service Concept

We lay emphasis on every detail.
The consulting sales team will assist you in going through the entire purchasing process, while the specialized after-sales team will furnish you with product delivery, installation and training, which guarantees the maximum efficiency from initial product customization to perfect after-sales services.


Digital Concept

you can easily make use of the functions of device control, after-sales service and the like through your cell phone. The brand-new cloud material library invites you to probe into more smart playing methods of products. DESON App  will provide you with new digital services.

Sustainable Development

The future of the hotel industry is closely bound up with the future of the world.
DESON devotes itself to inspiring change step by step through action. We will continue to purchase recyclable and environmentally friendly raw materials and exhaust our ability to create durable products that satisfy your needs and will not damage the future sustainable development.

Cooperative Partners